Civic Center

Booking Information

Kim Curry

The John F. Rhodes Civic Center is a 6,000 square foot facility available to rent for most social events. The Civic Center is equipped with a full kitchen, bathrooms, large stage and dance floor.

Tours are available upon request.

To check availability or to book the facility, contact Kim Curry at 251.580.1619 during normal business hours.


Civic Center Rental Rates


Civic Center Rental Fee: $1,000.00 (includes use of kitchen space and attendant fee). Rental agreement covers 8 hour of use.

Damage Deposit: $250.00*
For every hour after 8 hours: $50.00 per hour

If alcohol of any kind is allowed, City Police officers must be present.
Less than 150 people = 1 officer/151 or more people = 2 police officers.
Cost for City Police officers is $30.00 per hour.

*An application must be filled out and damage deposit paid before the civic center can be reserved. If the event is cancelled following payment of the damage deposit, only half of the damage deposit will be refunded.

The 8-hour rental period includes set up and clean up time. Make sure to schedule your caterers, flowers, decorations, etc. to arrive during your 8-hour time period. This time period cannot be divided.

The Civic Center and Kitchen must be left clean. Garbage must be taken to the dumpster. All extra food and decorations must be taken or disposed of at the conclusion of the event.


Frequenly Asked Questions

Q. Can anything be hung on the walls?
A. No. Glue, tape, nails, etc. cannot be used to hang anything on the wals

Q. Can glitter be placed on the floor?
A. No.